Guinness World Records 2020

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Phát hành ngày 15/11/2019
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59 Ý kiến:

Is this a joke? so basically just come up with something that no one's ever done before and then you become a record holder at it?
Music is Win
Music is Win:
Pretty sure I set the record for most guitar picks lost in one day
Evan Guthrie
Evan Guthrie:
All these are just really obscure things that nobody really does.
Captain turtle butt
Captain turtle butt:
It’s 2019 dude. Same nonsense with new cars being labeled the year after 🤔
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access:
What if the world records broke you
Sachin Tyagi
Sachin Tyagi:
@ 2:01 i can do more then Ten step from this guy
Peace&Love Fuckingshit
Peace&Love Fuckingshit:
1:36 puaahh this girl 😍
Alma lpdt
Alma lpdt:
1:01 okay wow that’s really awesome!!
Rubbish Ambush
Rubbish Ambush:
My world record is being myself.
3:00 fart box of doom
i hold the record for being me the longest anyone has ever been me
Its 94b
Its 94b:
1:24 trentasette fischia e canta
Нужно тоже подать заявку на рекорд. Я дольше всех лежал на *моем* диване
How can their be 2020 world records when its 2019?
Ruben Corona
Ruben Corona:
I probably broke the record for the longest time in a bed
I hold the world record for using a toilet the longest
Jersie Witter
Jersie Witter:
Wow these people are talented
Erick Monterde
Erick Monterde:
Y los comentarios en español? Puro inglés
Like para que no se pierda el comentario
S. Lawrence
S. Lawrence:
Song please????
I hold the world record for the number of words on a single sticky note .... because that is a thing worth recording. And my teachers never thought I would amount to anything. Idiots!
My best record eat cheeseburger
Raynel Isaac
Raynel Isaac:
Not impressed at all
Randy's Rides
Randy's Rides:
So....a world record is basically something you make up that others haven't wasted their time trying to do. Sounds pretty easy. I'm gonna set the next many cupcakes can I stick to my body ?
Shreyas Walde
Shreyas Walde:
I'm first please give me a Like