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Sit back, relax and enjoy this compilation of some of the greatest ever clips from the People are Awesome archive! For those that enjoy our Best of the Week and Best of the Month compilations we wanted to bring you more amazing people doing incredible things, so here's a throwback to a few favorites. Featured clips include balance exercises, bouldering, bo staff skills and more... Shop the PAA store: Submit your clips: ▻ SUBSCRIBE ➝ ▻ SUBMIT your videos ➝ ▼ CHECK OUT THESE AWESOME CHANNELS! FailArmy: The Pet Collective: JukinVideo: PAA business and licensing inquiries: [email protected] PEOPLE ARE AWESOME is the number one destination for amazing, original videos and compilations of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We feature all sorts of different extreme sports and activities other amazing feats, including parkour, skateboarding, tricking, cliff diving, wingsuit flying, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, acrobatics, calisthenics, cheerleading, freestyle football, basketball dunks, extreme pogo, freerunning, cycling, kayaking, frisbee trick shots, golf, martial arts, BASE jumping and many, many more a host of other action sports! Whether you’re searching in 2015 or any other year, check out our amazing and original action sports videos in HD where we show you why we think people are awesome! To license any of the videos shown on People are Awesome, visit Jukin Media at

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People are Awesome
People are Awesome:
What was your favorite clip?
Can we please talk about 5:29
Dirt course riding NO HANDS is what I wanted to see. In my face. I must be not awesome since I couldn't even think of that.
Verano Dulce
Verano Dulce:
Well done, wow how you do it!👍🙏🌞😘
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith:
0:42 this. This is why you aren’t allowed near parks anymore.
0 0
0 0:
People are capable of doing amazing things... I hope some day we will all feel like we made an amazing effort to do good regardless of our status.
These videos are much more fun to watch than any pro sports
The way of mankind ... from now to the future...

Das Wölfchen
The Eve of Time
The Eve of Time:
8th! This channel is awesome!
8:33-- anyone mistake them for Dwayne The Rock Johnson?
Thanks. I tried this now I’m paralyzed from the neck down
Your vid composition is always so good🤩👍
Der Cörnel
Der Cörnel:
Does someone know the guy at 1:24
Super player
Super player:
The people who disliked are probably still not self aware of wht they are capable of and boy will they be surprised once they find out
Suryansh Dubey
Suryansh Dubey:
Must watch 😊😊😱😱😱
Tad Patrick
Tad Patrick:
9:38 that guys been at those calisthenics for a long time
Gravity 45
Gravity 45:
12 mins of pure bliss
Ashhar Sameer
Ashhar Sameer:
Amazing stunts 🤨🤨
Music ??
It`s not a People Are Awesome video without Juji <3
Its amazing 😻✔️
Misguided Ghost
Misguided Ghost:
Did j saw heihachi on the thumbnail?
I want to be that bike
Ruben Rocha-Evjanian
Ruben Rocha-Evjanian:
What's the name of the first song ?
Turd Of Jingle
Turd Of Jingle:
3:19 that scared the actual crap outa me
leonid lukaroski
leonid lukaroski:
Rock n roll
0:40 Well that's one way to clean the slide!
4:21 I'd love to see the fail compilation of this guy. Considering everything has to start from failure before you can achieve it, how many times has he been ran over?
King Thanos
King Thanos:
Thành KiriGon
Thành KiriGon:
9:09 who is he pls?
Master Gamer
Master Gamer:
6:37 What?
Mahmoud Adham
Mahmoud Adham:
Lol 1st like
Betinho Rada
Betinho Rada:
Awesome 💯
Arunesh Trivedi
Arunesh Trivedi:
Wow very nice supper
Max Menrik
Max Menrik:
Who Else here know who rwilly is
Hamid Ben Maamar
Hamid Ben Maamar:
Song ??
Irawann Highlight
Irawann Highlight:
Согонь ёпть!
Ahmed Vevo
Ahmed Vevo:
Ramish Butt
Ramish Butt:
Suryansh Dubey
Suryansh Dubey:
isaac hoffmeister
isaac hoffmeister:
btw at 0:06 that's speed climbing not bouldering. bouldering doesn't use ropes. Ik you're going for stuff that rhymes, but it would be nice to at least call sport by it's proper name!
*Who else is a true fan of People Are Awesome?*
I’m gifting my next 32 subs!☺️
*Who else is a true fan of People Are Awesome?*
I’m gifting my next 32 subs!☺️
Tg Whitaker
Tg Whitaker:
Commit Crew
Commit Crew:
Airpods givaway at 100 subs
Kenneth Kelton
Kenneth Kelton:
Physics and gravity: "hey you guys arent suppose to b...

People in this video: "F*ck off!!"